Art Play Workshop with WYANNE



You will receive access to all the art play videos to view at your leisure. This is a forever there is no time limit.


There are 13 videos in the series.  The videos can be watched on your computer, mobile device or tablet.  The videos are also downloadable.


There are three guest artists who share their techniques and work.


Casey Matthews - Abstract Artist


Candace Fasano


Theresa Daily


Lets get back to the basics. Let's play with our art. Let's take chances, try new techniques and learn. As artists, we sometimes forget to just play. We become too wrapped up in making our art look a certain way, supplies, and if others are going to like it...or even buy it. We forget what brought us to art in the first place. As children, we instinctively played...because it was fun...and because that's how we learned. In this class, Wyanne will present videos of fun and unusual art techniques. Although you might be familiar with some of the techniques, they will be mixed up,with no rules and expanded in unexpected ways. Let's get away from the rigid box of a "technique".


Be prepared to learn, experiment, and become more creative with this class....make your own play date!


About the Art Play Class....


I love for my friends to come by the studio and hang out for a play date. We drag out all our supplies and just have fun. There are no rules, no expectations...just lots of fun and learning. It will be just like you were hanging out in the studio with me.


There is no formal supply list. I'll be using basic supplies like acrylic and watercolor paint, and canvas, paper and wood. I'm going to show you how to use a lot of ordinary supplies from around your house. And I'll also show you techniques with more sophisticated art supplies, like Golden products. I don't want you to run out and feel like you have to buy a bunch of supplies. I want you to watch the videos and decide what techniques are a good fit for you. Some might get you really jazzed  up...and others you might have seen before. Take what you want to experiment with...and play. Make up your own techniques! Make art without expectations...just for the fun and love of it. When you'll be amazed at how much you learn and grow as an artist. And you know what....even though I've been doing this for a long time...I still learn from everyone else.


This was my very first online class from 2005, and priced accordingly.  :)


Art Play

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  • Wyanne's first ever online class.  Learn how to play with your art supplies and create some cool mixed media techniques. This class is technique driven.  Forever access and no time limit.

  • Sorry there are no refunds on online classes.