The You&Me series follows me for 6 months in the studio. You get a first hand look at art that I'm exploring. Plus lots of techniques, new supplies and how I market my work and establish my style. I'll be honest...I share the good, the bad and the ugly.  

I show you techniques and different ways of using art supplies...and even a few that you might not be familiar with. It's an entire smorgasbord for you to learn and grow right along with me. The best part...THERE'S NO TIME LIMIT. You have forever access and can go back to the videos and content over and over when you need a refresher or new inspiration. 

This year I am incorporating more information on marketing your work through Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets. We will be discussing online selling platforms like Etsy, Saatchi and others...and look at selling your work through more traditional brick and mortar art galleries. We will be working on your artist identity. Setting up Social Media accounts and managing them. Photographing your artwork and creating an Etsy store. We'll look at shipping and making prints of your artwork. And even creating your own website.

Plus there's lots of art, techniques and especially inspiration. I feel my job is to inspire you. I want you to get out of your comfort zone and fly. I'll be doing simple step by step art pieces as well as...sharing my own personal work that I'm creating in the studio.

The You&Me series has a huge support loving network of artists on Facebook. I am super proud of the outpouring of love and support that they have for one another...and I know this year will be even better and bigger, of course. 

We will be having monthly prompts and themes. We will be focusing a lot on abstract art. And even if you have no desire to do abstract art, it's principals are important to make your non-abstract work stronger.  I'll be showing you a step by step project that you can follow along. And then I will dive in a little deeper into my own art and show you how to expand and go a little bigger with those techniques. Expect 6-8 videos monthly, usually more.  And I will be using Facebook live for monthly chats and hang out sessions.

People automatically think that "Making It Bigger" is about the art size. But we will be working both big and small. The "Making It Bigger" applies to our lives as artists and how we can personally achieve our highest goals. And of course, my biggest goal as a teacher is to help you find your own style and be your own badass self. No cookie cutter art here!

You&Me Making it BIG runs live Sept.1st, 2017 - March 31, 2018. Every month I will put up new content with the exception of December. We take December off for the holidays.


You always have FOREVER access to the you can go back and review the information at any time.  High quality videos to watch online, mobile devices or download. All videos are subtitled.

In this session of You&Me, I will be using mostly acrylics and watercolor. And lots of other supplies that inspire me. Don't worry about those...I don't want anyone running out and buying supplies for the class.  If you have basic acrylics and/or watercolors...some paper or are all set. All the other items can be purchased later if you want to explore them.

There is no formal supply list. A supply list is posted each month with the lessons. But, you are encouraged to use what you have on hand. I am always amazed at the alternatives that all the badass You&Me artists come up with! We all learn from each other!

One time fee. This price includes all 6 months.


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You & Me Making It Bigger 2017-18

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  • My most popular class! Join me in the studio. I'll show you art techniques, share business ideas, and much more. This class runs through Sept 2017-March 2018. Forever access. I promise you'll be inspired.

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